If I had one wish I’d love to fish, but I have to stay right here..


Today we took a trip to see my grandmother, who was having a tough week.  I wanted to do something that would be fun for everyone, & take up a good amount of time. We chose to make a fishing pole set for the kids as a Christmas gift (handmade gifts are always better;)


You will need:
A fish template (found on Pinterest or Google)
A wooden stick for the pole
A small amount of yarn, twine, or string
Googly eyes
Felt sheets (choose a variety of colors)
Blue large felt sheet for water
Hot glue gun




1) Cut template, place, pin, or draw fish shapes onto felt (I would not recommend a sharpie marker, it will bleed through) cut two side out to sandwich the magnet.
2) Place magnet in the middle and glue or sew shut
3) Attach yarn to stick by tying or using hot glue
4) Glue magnet at the end of the string as the lure (I used large magnets for the younger children and small ones for the older children)
5) Place fish on blue felt sheet or towel and go fishing:)

Great game for any occasion!!



Sing a fishing song with your child

If I had one wish
I’d love to fish
But I have to stay right here
I’d love to go out and catch some trout
On a pond or a lake that’s near
With a pole
And some bait
And a very special hat
I’d love to go fishin
Like I’ve been wishin
And now that’s all there is to that!

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