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Drummond Island, Michigan

Travel Journal, April 16th, 2015



 Goodbye hashtag “cabin life.”

Northern Michigan holds some of most beautiful scenic areas here in the Mitten State!

Drummond Island, known as Michigan’s playground, is located just under two hours past the Mackinaw bridge; which also has a nickname, “Big Mac”.

Every summer, the entire Duba family takes a 5.5 hour drive up north to “The Cabin” on Drummond Island. It is really the most anticipated trip every single year!

The highway connects to the mainland portion via the Drummond Island Ferry. SO neat right?! A ferry boat!, just chuggin’ across the water with different vehicles! You probably will spot a jeep or two in the bunch.

Drummond Island is well known for off road adventures. (Here is one of the best quality videos I found on Youtube)

Just miles into the Island you will experience something we refer to as “going off the grid,” cell phone service drops completely. You may experience a feeling of lightness in your hands, as your phone un glues itself, and is only picked up for photo opps!!

When this happens, I immediately feel stress free, I can actually use my time reading..an actual book!

I started reading one book, once a year, which would take place the week spent on Drummond. This practice actually made me into a reader again!, not an avid reader or anything, but I am going on three books in one year now!, *pops collar..

Reading List By Year

  1. Suzanne’s Diary For Nicholas- James Patterson
  2. Love Lust & Faking It- Jenny McCarthy
  3. Seriously…I’m Kidding- Ellen Degeneres
  4. Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert


I’m going to start off right away by saying Esther’s, is THE BEST place to have food on the island!.. if you love Mexican food, which who doesn’t right? She makes fresh, authentic Mexican plates, that any food lover would give a thumbs up to. Huge fan of the burritos! She is a kind, authentic, energetic woman herself! Esther has lived on the island 18 years, but has had her food-cart setup for just five of those years. A newly renovated outside seating that is facing her famous slogan, “I cook you enjoy.”

The Country Store is where we choose to get our ice cream desert


Sune’s Dry Goods has an awesome attached shopping boutique! It’s one of my favorites for, fine home decor and Christmas ornaments! Plus you can get your groceries next door =D

North Haven is one of the first shops you pass coming into the island, they have some beautiful gems in there

The Islander Shop. I spend most of my shopping money here! :O oops!! But I do.  They have really cute cabin decor & clothes. The owners there are always very friendly which makes the shopping experience way better! Don’t forget to grab a caramel on the way out!

This neat stone my Vans are on is a puddingstone, which can be found up north, SO pretty!

Things To Do

  • Drummond Island Golf, is a laid back course that is actually split by the islands air strip.
  • The local library is the Hot Spot, and have a pretty great selection of books for sale and free books!
  • Go off road!
  • Scenic Routes
  • Public Beach
  • Bowling
  • Golfing
  • Watering hole
  • Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Kayaking
  • Read a book
  • Toss a pair of old sneakers

Shoe Tree, yes an old tree stacked with old knotted shoes & yes, very random, but pretty fun!, especially if you have a pair up there! Reid threw a pair of old sneakers up there after our weekend on Mackinaw Island, something about the roads being covered with horse poop dust really grossed him out!


It might have been the last time staying at the family cabin, but it was not our last trip on Drummond Island

It was Baylors first vacation spot, the place where my husband proposed, a place to clear our heads and reconnect as a family, I ADORE this place!

Its a place that we can’t just leave permanently

So until next time, Ill keep you posted ;P


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