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Delicata Squash

Keeping up with seasonal fruits and veggies is a good way of keeping fruits and veggies, well interesting! I decided to squash that rumor of scary veggies and try a Delicata Squash!


Also called sweet potato squash because of its creamy flavor and texture, delicata squash resembles a giant, fat cucumber (it typically weighs 1 to 2 pounds) and has pale yellow skin and dark green pinstripes. Popular in the early 1900s, this heirloom variety is enjoying renewed favor thanks to its fine, creamy flesh, which tastes similar to sweet potatoes and butternut squash. And, yes, you can eat the skin (no peeling necessary).
Great for: Roasting and stuffing.

Easy Delicata Squash recipe

Cook whole. Pierce skin with sharp knife in several places. Cook on high 6-8 minutes per lb. Let stand 5 minutes. Cut in half, remove seeds. Full cavity with butter, brown sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Fill with cooked sausage, pecans, or walnuts!

This was tasty & simple! Enjoy!

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