Martha Stewarts DIY Beekeeper Costume

Last Halloween was my first time ever putting a costume together! In college I would just spend over $50 dollars for a trendy costume, that came with very little fabric..though my roommates and I made every second of wearing the costumes worth the pennies we spent. Making costumes and DIY’ing has never been easier! Not […]


Easter Napkin Rings & DIY Cloth Napkins

Half A Dozen Eggs & Decor Posting Easter Decor & Recipes These Easter Bunny Napkin rings turned out SO cute!! I saw similar ones to mine for sale for $2.99 at Pier one and at JoAnns Fabrics store Since I recently got to experiment with fabric starch I knew I could create this festive look […]


Distressed Birdhouse

Half A Dozen Eggs & Decor Posting Easter Decor & Recipes     This birdhouse idea is one of my favorites this season. It was so simple! I fell in love with the look I found on Pinterest, posted by The Speckled Dog The ones they posted turned out great, but they had just a […]


DIY Heart Tree <3

  DIY Heart Tree <3 Branches from your nearest tree (tiny) Heart shaped felt or cardstock paper, of your favorite Valentine’s Day color (If you have the app for Michael’s or Joann’s Fabric They have coupons you can use daily) **So with my coupon I bought a heart paper puncher From the scrapbook section** A […]

Crafts Seasonal


Decorating this holiday for fewer than ten dollars a craft! My husband and I stamped Baylors feet and put him to bed when I got started on my 5 crafts under four hours, crafting is exciting!   Little Tootsies Art Fruit Snack or sucker for your little one for sitting “oh so still” Canvas Crayola […]


Candy Hearts <3

Need 3 wooden shaped hearts 3 Acrylic paint colors, I chose Craft Smart Acrylic Paint (low price) (My colors were SPOT ON! Orchid, Rosy Posy & Yellow) 4 pack of sponge brushes Ribbon, I would suggest a wider ribbon, my example shows a thin one (I was trying to use up some old ribbon and […]


Valentine’s Day Mug

You need two things for this simple gift. Need: Dollar tree coffee mug Sharpie paint pens This was my first time using the paint pens. They have brands other then sharpie that are a little cheaper, just make sure whichever you choose is water resistant & can be applied to glass. A gift under $5..perfect! […]