Best Cheese Pizza in Michigan!

“I crave adventure and pizza!” No, really I do!, But since I do not have any adventures planned..let’s talk PIZZA!! Today is National Cheese Pizza Day and I am spilling the sauce on THE BEST PIZZA!

When I was in high school my best friend would sometimes invite me to spend the weekends with her and her dad. Her parents were separated, and like other children with separated parents, she was blessed with double the attention. Our weekend stays with her dad would consist of really fun experiences..well, most of the time! It almost became a tradition for us three to make the drive to Holland and have dinner together. We found a small place, with amazing food, that pleased us all. 

My girlfriend and I would order a virgin strawberry daiquiri, with an extra cheese pizza to share, and her father would usually order a beer, with a meat pizza all to himself. I have a lot of great memories eating there. 

It may have been my first time experiencing legendary, thin crust, cheesy goodness!! But it was then, that I had realized Fricano’s was the best pizza I had EVER tasted. Still, to this day, it is hands down the best! 

Fricano’s pizza has been around since the 1950’s, so I would have to say they have mastered their original thin crust recipe. Fricano’s has now expanded to 6 locations in Michigan and If you have the chance to try some, you will understand why it has been voted number one in Michigan! Happy Cheese Pizza Day!!!

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