Autumn has arrived!!! So, I don’t post a whole lot of fashion on my blog,

but if you follow me on Instagram then you know, I am a bit of a shopaholic.. sorry, not sorry!

Fall is my favorite season!,

Though summer is amazing, the humidity is never kind to my hair, and my makeup sweats off causing major summer acne. Yikes!! That was so brutally honest!

I’m a huge fan of the season for many reasons.

The outfits!! Chunky scarves, big sweaters, leg warmers, boots, Oh My!!

Everything pumpkin, from drinks, sweets, and recipes


The leaves changing color!, Mother nature at her best. Check out

Traverse City Area

for a fall color guide.

Touring parts of Northern Michigan

Cider Beer! Last year my go to fall drink was Jack-O Traveler, Pumpkin Shandy

Here is a drink recipe for you to try

Pied Pumpkin

Fill an 8-10oz. glass with ice

Add 1oz. Tennessee whiskey

1oz. spiced fruit whiskey liqueur

and top with Jack-O Traveler

Stir, then grate fresh cinnamon over top

Garnish with cherry and orange



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