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Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bites!

Need Apples, cut into wedges Try picking apples at a local farm:) Peanut Butter, smooth Gronola, I used Nature Valley PB Choc Mix *optional cinnamon and chocolate syrup SO YUMMY!! Cut desired Apple into wedges Cover with peanut butter Add granola *Sprinkle cinnamon and drizzle with chocolate These Apple ideas are perfect for people like […]


Best Cheese Pizza in Michigan!

“I crave adventure and pizza!” No, really I do!, But since I do not have any adventures planned..let’s talk PIZZA!! Today is National Cheese Pizza Day and I am spilling the sauce on THE BEST PIZZA! When I was in high school my best friend would sometimes invite me to spend the weekends with her […]



The word is derived from the Old High German bacho, meaning “buttock”, “ham” or “side of bacon”, and is cognate with the Old French bacon. International Bacon Day is an unofficial observance and was established in 2004! Why do you care? Uhm because you LOVE it!! Unless you are one of the 15% of Americans who practice veganism. Which if […]

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Farewell Summer

So, Autumn is right around the corner, September 23rd to be exact! Although I am extremely excited for fall blog posting, The season also marks the one year anniversary of!! ***Going on 3 years! Top five things I LOVED about this trip 1: Catching the sunrise every morning (This was also helpful for having […]

The Real Deal

Liar Liar Pants on Fire..

Here goes nothin’.. A few posts back I shared “The Power of a Handshake,” and today I will be blabbing about the power of honesty. Being honest dates all the way back to Jesus days. We are taught honesty throughout our entire lives, it is a character that is practically engraved deep into our human […]

The Real Deal

The power of the handshake!

Most of us are aware that using your right hand for a handshake is proper etiquette. But did you know that there is a lot more to a handshake? A handshake can be used upon meeting, greeting, parting, offering congratulations, expressing gratitude, or when completing an agreement. The handshake was first practiced in ancient Greece […]


Happy Birthday, Mom.

My mother was born on June, 30th in 1968. Today she would have been 49 years old. Her name was Susan Devon Calhoun and she was beautiful, goofy, strong, independent, and kind. Her long, curly, dark hair was the definition of “hair envy”. I used to love brushing through it when I was younger, in […]