I’m hosting my very first Christmas party this year and I decided to re-do the entire dining room just for this party!! Well, and for an awesome every day dining room of course 😉
I chose BEHR Polimino Gold. This color practically hit me in the face! I had been thinking about painting our dining room space since we moved in our home; It just came with a really great color scheme so I was never in a hurry to change it.
I was reading Better Homes Magazine when I read Polimino Gold and the description reads: “Milky and soft, this hue is a flattering backdrop for guest and food at dinner parties”
It was heaven sent, I’m sure of it!
I am very excited to show off some Pinterest recipes and holiday flare in our newly painted dining room!

We did two coats, but mama would have been much happier with three 🙂


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