Pumpkin decorating alternatives

October 1st Has Arrived!

I have been waiting for this day! Although the Fall season officially started September 22nd, I thought it would be socially acceptable to wait  to post my “Octobery” ideas. Honestly was anxiously waiting to post my all time, relate-able Fall quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald, but most of my pumpkin spice latte loving friends have already used it. As you can see domesticateddiva.net is under construction. This is the month I launched my blog just two years ago! Time has flown. Even though I am not consistent, and I am about as amateur as it gets when it comes to blogging, but I am okay with that! Many of you do not know that I actually began blogging as self therapy shortly after I was diagnosed with CPTSD. I have not yet focused on this subject because of the maturity level of most of my readers..aka “ya cant handle it yet.” I had purchased the site and let it sit for six months before getting the push to launch it. The crafts and recipes I was doing at home with our son, I began writing them down, recording them, and taking photos. I share them when I can and when I feel most inspired. This is usually my kick ass month, so enjoy it!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall” F. Scott Fitzgerald

Our family is together as a whole and doing better than deserved, we are blessed. 

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