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New Year, New..Something!

A New Year is something everyone can, and should look forward to. It is the opportunity to start new. This could be internal or external. A new year is an opportunity to make goals, learn new things, and grow as an individual. Several people make a mockery of New Years resolutions and people that choose to participate. Some believe it is silly to set a goal, that sometimes is not fulfilled during the course of the year. “Ya know, the ones that look forward to people having a slip on their new diet, or habit that you are trying to break.” Those are the people I feel sorry for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making goals every year. In fact it is a great thing! Be happy that you have the willingness to make a change in your life, change is good. Set idealistic goals for yourself this New Year and every year. I am going to share with you some simple resolutions that either I have tried, will try, or enjoyed reading about :D.
2017-make-it-your-yearIdealistic Resolutions:

Daily meditation/Stretching

*I spent a lot of 2016 stretching out all my anxiety, and it helped tremendously

Connect with Nature

Buy a new indoor plant to help get you through the Winter

Carry a notebook and stay creative. I can not tell you how many good ideas come to mind when I am away from technology

Organize your email folders, and clean up your desktop

I know a lot of people choose to organize digitally when it comes to a calendar. For myself paper is better! 2016 I used my calendar religiously. Last week it was nice to see what a busy/fun/and not so fun year I had.


I recently read an awesome perspective on “10 Micro Resolutions” By: BHG 2016 January Issue

Instead of

“I’m going to eat healthy


“Ill eat a salad with dinner”

Instead of

“I’ll get more sleep”


“I’ll bump up my bedtime”

Instead of

“I/ll exercise for an hour every day”


“I’ll move for 10 minutes 3X a day”

Instead of

“I’ll spend more time with friends and family”


“I’ll put my phone away at every meal”

Instead of

“I’m going to lose 10 pounds”


“I’ll weigh myself daily”

These are just the Top Five. Please visit for the full article and explanation for each.

Whatever goal you choose to set I wish you the best of luck!

Happy New Year Friends!

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