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Here goes nothin’.. A few posts back I shared “The Power of a Handshake,” and today I will be blabbing about the power of honesty. Being honest dates all the way back to Jesus days. We are taught honesty throughout our entire lives, it is a character that is practically engraved deep into our human bones. Where did this all come from? Texting. People lie so much through text messages. Now days, everybody is on their phone, so “I forgot”, or “I didn’t see it”, just does not cut it anymore. You saw it on that device glued to your hand. I am not saying that I am perfect and I don’t lie (even though I really don’t), but I am saying lying is THE WORST habit to feed. You get used to telling small lies and soon enough you will be comfortable telling big lies. When you get used to lying you begin to lie to yourself and soon enough, you don’t even know who the fuck you really are! Excuse my french, I just loathe liars. It is a tricky cycle with the end always being the same. You WILL get caught, one way or another, today, tomorrow, or years from now. The truth always finds its way out, trust me.

Some people are born liars, this can be reversed with practice daily. If their parents, or guardians always lied to them as children, those children will most likely grow up practicing the same habits and voila’, dishonest adults. I know this from experience. I was raised in a family where lying was normal. Sometimes we were told lies to protect us and sometimes we were told lies to sway us in one direction or the other. When I was in my first real relationship, I was caught in a lie or two and saw firsthand how lies can really hurt someone. So, that is kind of the day I made a goal for myself to just be honest, even if it is hurtful. With that came the reputation of a bitch, but hey! And “honest bitch” I was, and I’ll take it! I almost think that is why the saying came about “The Truth Hurts,” because sometimes it can, but never as painful as a lie. People now days throw lies around like confetti! It needs to end!girls-914823_960_720

Okay so now that I have introduced the importance of honesty, I will say that today, the day of modern technology, there are more and more liars being created. I do think it is the comfort of hiding behind a telephone screen, a private message, status update, or a comment box that makes this lifestyle easier. On Psychology Today, Nancy Colier LCSW, Rev, wrote THE PERFECT article titled “Last Minute Itis” The Behavior Plague of Our Time. (errrmergeerd, its amazing guys!) She explains text etiquette and how more and more people view others time as unimportant, so they are able to schedule and cancel as they please. Her article is so beautifully written and is spot on! I’m going to share with you some of my favorites from Nancy!

  • Furthermore, technology is causing us to lose sight of the sacredness of our relationships.
  • This kind of behavior makes us feel like we don’t matter, not just our time, but our company.
  • Technology is causing us to place value in our devices, but not our human companions.
  • Technological bad behavior is emblematic of our increasing inability to make a commitment of any kind.
  • We live in a constant state of “we’ll see.” Unfortunately, in order to feel grounded, we need some things to be set in, if not stone, then at least something solid.
  • The cell phone is causing people to become more insensitive, immature and self-involved.
  • It is teaching us that it is okay to behave in a way that is disrespectful, undignified, and ultimately unkind.

Here is the link to her spot on article>>

Since I have had a few eye openers to this kind of treatment, I was able to teach myself a few things.

My time IS important, the plans that I make are always amazingly adventurous, well thought of, and well planned. Those who do not value my time are not my true friends. So I must make a plan to move forward with out them (see what I did there;).

Ahhh! sigh of relief from venting on The Real Deal, it feels so good!

<3 <3 Thanks for reading!

Colier, “Nancy. “Last Minute Itis: The Behavior Plague of Our Time.” Psychology Today. Sussex Publishers, 08 Nov. 2013. Web. 20 July 2017.

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