Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes


Halloween is this weekend! And, this past weekend I was getting a little worried I wouldn’t find a costume!..

Okay, very worried! I even started texting my girl friends to see what they were coming up with, or if they were going to spend a million dollars buying a new costume.

Since I DIY’d a costume last year I knew that I wanted to continue doing this every year.

I found this adorable Mickey Mouse sweater at a thrift shop nearby! “I should be Mickey Mouse this weekend!!” So yes this $4 investment was my inspiration for my costume:)

I had a lot of fun putting this costume together! It was simple, very inexpensive, and turned out really cute, and accurate to the legends real outfit!

I thought it would be cute to have a yellow pair of shoes with the black ears for Mickey Mouse. I added red heels, with the classic polka dot headband as an option just in case one night I wanted to be Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Costume

Costume Top To Bottom

DIY Mouse Ears

(Click the link to get a template of the ears and the list of necessary materials)


Black Top

White Gloves (draw 3 lines)

Red Shorts (Add two stiff felt circles in the front)

Black Tights

Yellow Shoes (or yellow tape)

Next is..

Bubble Gum Machine

Bank Robber

Sandy- Grease 


Crazy Cat Lady! This one is hilariously clever!

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