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Farewell Summer

So, Autumn is right around the corner, September 23rd to be exact!

Although I am extremely excited for fall blog posting,

The season also marks the one year anniversary of!!

***Going on 3 years!

Top five things I LOVED about this trip

1: Catching the sunrise every morning (This was also helpful for having the campsite bathroom to myself, win!)
2: Saw my FIRST shooting star..AT 11:11!! I know, I was just as surprised when I noticed the time (my wish better come true;P)

3: The ferry Boat ride under the bridge (I guess there are only two day times that they go under the bridge) It was amazing!

4: Biking Mackinac Island, for the second time. -8.2 Miles

The M-185 is an eight mile state highway that loops around Mackinac Island’s shoreline. We rented two bikes, one with a tag-a-long attachment. With the attachment Baylor had the option to peddle or relax.

5: Farmers Market -Support local <3

Our first night we stayed at WM Mitchell State Park, in Cadillac. The park is a popular park in northern lower Michigan. The park is on the water and located between lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac. I highly recommend this campground! We chose to stay by the water at every campsite we choose. This made for cold nights but beautiful sunrises, so worth it!

 The next day we headed up north to Mackinaw City. We stayed at Mackinaw Mill Creek Campgrounds. This, my friends, has to be the Hilton of campgrounds. Heated pool, mini golf, a camp store, bike rentals, and lakeside camping, just to name a few reasons why we stayed here two nights! The campgrounds in Mackinaw City provide shuttle buses to and from the fairy, SO SO helpful! Staying on the Island can be over $300 a night and most places require a two night minimum. If you want to live luxuriously and get a little boozy staying on the Island is worth all that money! I have had the experience of staying on the island and it felt like paradise, so I do believe both ways can be enjoyable. The trip can be expensive or it can be inexpensive.

Cheaper Route: The island is okay with you bringing your own food, so if you decide to camp off the island to save money, you can also pack a picnic and enjoy it by the water on the island. Purchase your tickets for the Island at your campsite, its usually just a few doll hairs cheaper, but hey, every penny counts right?

Expensive Route: Staying on the Island. The grand Hotel is a site to see, but I would recommend a bed and breakfast spot on the island any day! We stayed at Harbor view Inn last year, and I was very pleased!, the hotel staff picks up your luggage right from the ferry and takes it to your hotel, so you can explore right when your feet hit the ground! During the summer season the island accommodates nearly 15,000 visitors per day. So make sure to make your reservations before, because finding a room the day of, is nearly impossible.


You will find these Rock Cairns at three different spots on the Island. Rock Cairns are small mounds of stones and pebbles built to mark biking and hiking trails as a memorial to having been somewhere or as a simple art form. It is traditional for each person passing by a Cairn to add a stone as a small bit of maintenance to counteract the effects of wind and weather.  I purchased a few glow sticks for the trip. I broke one open and placed it in a water bottle, and we had glow in the dark ring toss!, so fun!
  The greatest S’more combo I have ever had and not because Fudge Stripes are my favorite cookie;)

Thank you for reading, & feel free to share any thoughts on MI travel!

Much love & Happy Sunday!

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