Easy Pumpkin Decor

Last year I received this pumpkin as a gift! Well yes, this exact pumpkin, but with out the glitter! Something small, easy to make, but meaningful..because all home-made gifts are meaningful! The person has to take their own time & money to prepare the gift, all while thinking of the person they are making the gift for, hence, meaningful! I’m happy to share this pumpkin decor gift with you.

What you will need:

30 wine corks

Orange paint & paint brush

Glue gun & glue sticks

Artificial leaves and twine

Pumpkin cork numbering from top to bottom

1 cork (stem)

5 corks

6 corks

7 corks

6 corks

5 corks

Glue corks together one layer at a time, making sure the front corks are aligned as best as you can. Hold the cork for a few second to ensure the glue is keeping the corks together.

Some of my corks are shorter than others, making the back of the pumpkin look uneven, but it’s the who cares?! 

Before adding the cork on top, apply the leaves and twine with hot glue.

Place the top cork on and glue.

Once finished, apply paint and glitter:)

I made four of these and I could not be happier, I can not wait to give these as gifts!

“But I love Fall, most of all”

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