Santa’s Magic Key

Christmas time in our house is filled with decorations just right for the holiday, candles that smell of cookies, and the creamiest hot cocoa. Christmas is also a time where I unpack my large red totes (I color coordinate my packing boxes, due to holidays, red&green christmas, purple&black halloween, etc), grab our stockings and am again reminded we have no fireplace!! Having a fireplace during christmas is probably pretty awesome! Baylor isn’t old enough to realize this obstacle in “Santa Claus land” but my nephew is. I decided to make this craft for an alternative! Keeping Christmas traditions well and alive:)IMG_0170.JPG

Santas Magic Key

In our home theres no chimney, so santa were leaving you this key,

Sprinkle it with your magic dust, It will open the door with little fuss,

Then while your reindeer wait for you, place all the gifts until you’re through,

Please leave the key right here, we’ll put it out again next year

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